Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Find information about cosmetic plastic surgery of the face. The site covers facelifts (rhytidectomy), eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), skin resurfacing, forehead lifts, nose surgery (rhinoplasty and septoplasty) as well as other facial cosmetic procedures such as botox injections and facial implants (cheek, chin and lip implants).

Enhancing the Face

The face is one of the parts of the body that have been a subject to various types of cosmetic surgery all over the world. Facial cosmetic surgery is popular not only among women but also among men. Most of these procedures are conducted to enhance the facial features of the person and to boost his or her self-esteem while other procedures are deemed necessary to reconstruct damaged facial features after accidents.

Face and Brow Lift

One of the most popular facial cosmetic surgeries nowadays is the facelift, which involves the stretching of facial skin and muscles to achieve a more youthful look. Older people who have sagging facial muscles and skin would usually seek this type of surgery. If you want to get a more complete facial make over, you may include a browlift together with your facelift procedure. Although the two types of procedures can be performed independently, if is a good idea to undergo them together in order for you save time, effort not to mention the length of time that you will endure the discomfort if you take these procedures one at a time. An endoscropic browlift surgery will help you erase those deep frown lines on your brows. Normally, a common complaint of people who have just undergone a facelift and browlift is that there are bruising and puffiness in the face but this will usually go away in a matter of 10 days or weeks after the procedure.

Another very popular facial cosmetic surgery is rhinoplasty or nose reshaping. Hundreds of rhinoplasty procedures are performed all over the world everyday as more and more people are concerned about giving their facial features a sharper look. This procedure can be as simple as nipping and trimming the nose to achieve the desired look or could be as complicated as a full nose reconstruction. Normally, this procedure is performed on an outpatient basis where the patient could go home directly after the procedure. Recovery from rhinoplasty could take about two weeks to one month depending on his or her lifestyle. If the person leads a very active life, it may take longer for the operation to heal.

Otoplasty - Ear reshaping

For most people who believe that they have irregular facial features like protruding ears or uneven proportions of the face, they may opt for either facial implants or otoplasty. What is otoplasty? Otoplasty is a procedure, which is, employed correct protruding ears in children and in adults alike. If you have child or if yourself is having a problem with the size and shape of your ears, it would be a good idea to approach a reputable cosmetic surgeon and ask about otoplasty. Normally, this procedure is performed on an outpatient basis so you need not worry about staying in the hospital for days to recuperate. On the other hand, if your facial problem involves uneven features, you can opt for facial implants to correct the imbalance.
There are facial implants designed to augment the chin, cheeks and the jaws to help you achieve a more appealing look.

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